Our roots make us who we are

The Maraboo name was chosen to remind and empower our sisters around the world. Our team wants every individual queen to feel comfortable embracing her uniqueness. This is why we’ve created a company that forges a welcoming path for all women to find a way back to their roots.

By adopting a holistically healthier lifestyle, our hair care and overall wellbeing will prosper

At Maraboo, we believe that exterior beauty such as beautiful hair and skin starts from within. Together, we will help you sustain a balanced mental state to allow your personality to shine through each tantalizing tress.

TheMaraboo Motto



Our natural hair products were created by a professional team of queens that care. Our team consists of nurses, therapists, nutritionists, cosmetologists, and lifestyle coaches who are dedicated to educating our sisters about the truly incredible benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


You’re a queen and you deserve to feel like one. We should feel beautiful and fired up no matter how we look, where we come from, or the hair type we rock on a daily basis. At Maraboo, we support the self-love that stems from this journey.


Your natural hair journey isn’t just about the curly and kinky strands of hair that rest atop your head. This journey is all about finding yourself and understanding how important a personalized hair care regimen is for your mental state.

Love, your wash day should be the best day of the week.


Discover your hair potential