Meet Our Founder


Hello my beautiful queens!

My name is Syndie P Berrette and I’m the proud founder of Maraboo Cosmetics LLC. As a woman who was born and raised in Haiti, my strong Haitian roots still shine through the hair care passions I practice today.

When I moved to the States as a 20-year old young lady, I wanted nothing more than to pursue my passions and help other gorgeous goddesses along the way.

Ever since I was a child, I loved everything about hair from the shimmer that glowed from a healthy strand to the sweet-smelling products that produced strong roots.

Wanting to transform this deep-rooted passion into a successful business, I tried my hand at starting my own company. I originally created Maraboo in 2016 given the strong passion I had for the natural hair community.

Before the creation of natural “kitchen cosmetics” became so popular, I was cooking up amazing organic products that I knew numerous women would love!

Unfortunately, an intense state of depression took root in my heart and mind during the first couple of years of my marriage. No matter what I put in my hair, what once were gorgeous tresses began to shed into piles of despair. That is the heart-wrenching truth.

This overwhelming sadness continued during my pregnancy as I lost a lot of hair due to my inability to maintain a balanced mental state conducive to supporting a regular hair care regimen.

Given the fact that I was a psych nurse during this time, I was able to quickly recognize the signs of depression and began transforming my lifestyle to support the growth I needed. Love, I’m going to be honest with you, I began the climb by starting to care for my hair.

With an incredible gleam in my eye, I saw Maraboo Cosmetics reborn!

 With Love,

Syndie B.