About us



History and Background

 Maraboo: a name given to strong, resilient, beautiful Caribbean/ethnic Queens with exotic tresses, regardless of  length and texture. These women all have one thing in common; they use herbs and plants in their hair care regimen. Seldom do they experience shedding, breakage, or thinning.

 The Maraboo name was chosen to remind and empower us women to embrace our uniqueness while returning to our roots. This can be achieved by adopting a healthier lifestyle for our hair care and our overall well-being.

Maraboo Cosmetic, LLC was created in April 2016 by a Psych and Wellness Registered Nurse who experienced all the struggles experienced by you "queen" while using products advertised on the market.    Our products are made with certified organic ingredients using an Ayurvedic approach. Through extensive research, we are determined to bring you high quality 100 % natural products and methods that will strengthen, grow, and maintain your hair to achieve its fullest potential yet.  At Maraboo, we believe that exterior beauty, such as beautiful hair and skin, starts from within!

Here is the reason why;

 Our company motto is Education, Empowerment, and Sisterhood

 Education: Our family is composed of nurses, therapists, nutritionists, cosmetologists, and lifestyle coaches dedicated to educating our sisters on how to make healthy lifestyle changes that are not only beneficial for their hair, but also their overall health.  Through seminars, blogs, meet-ups, and other therapeutic activities, our goal is to aid clients in embracing the complicated natural hair journey.

 Empowerment: It’s our belief that women should feel beautiful and fired-up no matter how we look, where we come from, or our hair type! At Maraboo, we support and encourage our clients to love their uniqueness, and aim to help them become the best version of themselves.

 Sisterhood:  We are not only a company, we are a family.


 Our mission

 To build a trusting relationship with our customers  by assisting them in finding individualized solutions and methods pertinent to their hair care needs and holistic well-being. As  the bond of our sisterhood will strengthen; our Maraboo family will continue to grow.

We believe in inspiring and motivating WOMEN to find their inner power through beauty, self-confidence, and of course, THEIR HAIR.


 Healthier Hair, Healthier You is a pledge made by our company to show our dedication to you, in accompanying you throughout  your healthy hair journey.  We aim to use an evidence-based approach for our products, and to guide you toward a healthier You.


Strength- Growth- Maintenance

Healthier Hair, Healthier You